About US

KG was created based on a day dream in late 2013 coupled with the frustrations of the limitations of accessible good service in an amazing environment with quality services, customer service and endless options in Garfield,NJ. 

I decided to stop my career tourism industry looking for what I wanted and to create it. This led to a lot of research and planning to create an environment where women and men could get nail and beauty services in a beautiful community centered environment with friendly staff, reasonable prices, quality products and amazing customer service. 

With interiors to design an amazing small space. It was our goal to create a space that was simple yet glamorous, comfortable yet royal.

Sip our complementary beverages including coffee, tea, water, cocktails and champagne for our loyal customers while you enjoy the fabulous service. 





(973) 246 - 1261


171 Outwater Ln, Garfield, NJ 07026


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